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We supply C10100 in a variety of forms including Bar, Rod, Plate, Sheet, Wire, and Foil. We also stock C102 in round bar.

C10100 Oxygen Free Electronic (or "OFE") copper has a copper content of 99.99% at a minimum. It's conductivity is 101% IACS, which places it as the highest among all coppers.

Virtually the same product as C10200 OFC, the difference between the two is that C10100 comes certified as oxygen free, whereas 102 does not. This makes C102 an acceptable and economical option where certification is not required.

Chemical Data, Mechanical Properties and Specifications for C10100 Copper.

Chemical Range
Element Minimum Maximum
Copper 99.99 --
Antimony -- 0.0004
Arsenic -- 0.0005
Oxygen -- 0.0005
Phosphorus -- 0.0003
Tellurium -- 0.0002


Typical Mechanical Properties
Form Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation at Break
H04 Bar (Hard) 48 ksi 44 ksi 16%
H01 Sheet (¼ Hard) 38 ksi 30 ksi 25%
H02 Sheet (½ hard) 42 ksi 36 ksi 14%
H04 (Hard) Sheet 50 ksi 45 ksi 12%


ASTM F68 (Bar, Sheet, Plate, Strip)
ASTM B152 (Bar Sheet, Plate, Strip)
ASTM B187 (Bus Bar)
UNS C10100

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