Machine Ready Blanks
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What is a machine ready blank?

A machine ready, custom cut and ground blank is time and effort saved. You determine what dimensions and tolerance that will best reduce set-up, milling and machining time for your most important jobs. You pass that need on to us. We deliver flat, square and parallel blanks you can load with the comfort of knowing every piece will be equal.

How is this achieved?

Through precision cutting, Blanchard grinding, double-disc grinding and/or duplex milling.

Why take on the extra up-front costs?

  1. Reduce premachining costs
  2. Free up machine operators to prepare for the next job.
  3. Use less experienced machinists to oversee jobs using our blanks, saving your top talent for the toughest jobs.
  4. Cut part production time, allowing you to make more parts, or move through jobs faster.
  5. Reduce liability and part loss based on clamping errors
  6. Save money in the long run.


We can produce blanks out of most metal alloys we sell. Please use our general quote form to request more information or get a job quote.