Grade 1
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Commercially Pure Grade 1 Titanium is an un-alloyed grade designed for excellent weldability, good strength, impact toughness, ductility and corrosion resistance.

Ideally suited for corrosion resistant applications in the chemical process industry, airframe and other areas where ease of formability is required.


Chemical Range For Grade 1
Element Minimum Maximum
Nitrogen -- 0.03
Carbon -- 0.08
Hydrogen -- 0.015
Iron -- 0.20
Oxygen -- 0.18
Titanium Balance --


Typical Mechanical Properties for Grade 1
Form Tensile Strength, min Yield Strength, min Elongation in 4D, min
Bar and Wire 35 ksi 25 ksi 24%


ASTM B265-Gr1 (Sheet-Industrial)
ASTM B348-Gr1 (Bar-Industrial)
ASTM F67-Gr1 (Medical)
AMS-T 9046A CP-4 (Aerospace Sheet)
AMS-T 9047A CP-4 (Aerospace Bar)
MIL-T 9046J CP-4 (Aerospace Sheet)
MIL-T 9047G CP-4 (Aerospace Bar)